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Thompson on Tech is a website owned and operated by Digital Home Canada. The primary purpose of the site is to demonstrate to clients various web technology products and services including ad management, blogs, content management systems, forums, on-line analytics, wiki's and more.
The purpose of the public portion of the site is to provide non-clients with Canadian technology news and information.

About Hugh Thompson

Hugh Thompson is an IT and web consultant who works with small businesses, digital marketing agencies and information technology departments helping them assess, design and implement online initiatives.

His 25+ years of advertising, IT and web development experience gives him a unique and valuable perspective that can help clients avoid many common and often costly mistakes.

A successful internet entrepreneur, he is probably best known as the creator and publisher of Digital Home, a Canadian consumer electronics website which attracted over 500,000 unique visitors a month during his ownership. After running Digital Home on his own for a decade, he sold the site in January of 2012.


Companies seeking the services of an seasoned Internet professional can contact Hugh at (905) 919-0356

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